Product Literature, Manuals, Pricing, or Delivery Questions

Cummins products are sold through our worldwide network of distributors. Order status, pricing and delivery information is available from your local distributor.

We can assist you in determining the appropriate documentation for your Cummins product. E-mail us at with your location information (city and country), the model, serial number and documents you require and we will provide you with the publication number to facilitate your order.

In the United States and Canada, our toll-free number offers the ability to connect directly with the Cummins distributor in your area, order product literature or speak with a factory representative, call 1-800-CUMMINS™ (1-800-286-6467).

If you are outside the United States or Canada, please contact your local distributor or send us an e-mail at, please tell us in your e-mail the location information (city and country) and the product information that you would like us to send.

Technical or Service Related Questions

Information regarding:

  • Warranty
  • Spare parts
  • Parts pricing and availability
  • Product performance
  • Technical specs
  • Load requirements

for your application is as close as the nearest distributor or dealer. Use our locators to find the Cummins distributor or dealer near you. They can also assist you in troubleshooting your power system.

All other questions can be directed to 1-800-CUMMINS or

For business inquiries, please contact the appropriate regional business office below:

North America

Cummins Power Systems
1400 73rd Ave. NE
Minneapolis MN USA 55432
Tel: (763) 574–5000
USA Toll–free: (800) 888–6626
Fax: (763) 574–5298

Cummins S de RL de CV
Eje 122 No. 200 Manzana 40
Zona Industrial
San Luis Potosi CP 78395 Mexico
Tel: (52–444) 870–67–00
Fax: (52–444) 824–00–82
Toll–free: 01–800–253–3000

Latin America

Cummins Power Systems
3350 Southwest 148th Ave.
Suite 205
Miramar Florida USA 33027
Tel: (954) 431–5511
Fax: (954) 433–5797

Cummins Brazil
Rua Jati, 310 Cumbica
Guaruihos, SP 07180–900
Tel: (55 11) 2186 4195
Fax: (55 11) 2186 4729

Europe / Middle East

Cummins Power Systems
Columbus Av / Manston Park
CT12 5BF
Tel: (44-1843) 255-000
Fax: (44-1843) 255-900

Asia Pacific

Cummins Power Systems Southeast Asia
10 Toh Guan Road #07–01
TT International Tradepark
Singapore 608838
Tel: (65) 6417 2388
Fax: (65) 6417 2399

Cummins Power Systems East Asia
No2 Rongchang East Street, Beijing Economic Technological Development Area
Beijing 100176, People's Republic of China
Tel: (86-10) 5902 3000
Fax: (86-10) 5902 3199


Cummins Power Systems South Pacific
2 Caribbean Drive
Scoresby, Victoria
P.O. Box 687
Ferntree Gully VIC 3156, Australia
Tel: (61-3) 9765 3222
Fax: (61-3) 9765 3010

Cummins Power Systems Korea
354–4 Chonheung–ri, Songgo–eup
Chonan–city, Choongnam–do
Korea (Zip) 330–836
Tel: (82–41) 621–9141 /2/3
Fax: (82–41) 621–9121 /2

Cummins Power Systems Japan
2–11, Higashi Kojiya 6–chome
Ota–ku, Tokyo 144–0033 Japan
Tel: (81–3) 5735 0600
Fax: (81–3) 5735 0605


Cummins India Ltd - Power Systems
Cummins India Office Campus
Tower A, 6th Floor
Survey No.21, Balewadi
Pune-411 045