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I have an older engine with a lot of smoke from the exhaust. Is this normal?

NT/NTA855, 6BTA5.9-F1/F2/F4 and 6CTA8.3-F1/F2/F3 engines are pre-EPA emission certified engines with a high Bosch number for smoke. If the engine has been properly maintained, the smoke is probably normal.


I am replacing my fire pump drive engine with a Cummins model. Do I need to purchase a cooling loop if I already have one?

The prior engine's cooling loop may NOT be reused after December 2013. Since then, we have been required by Factory Mutual to supply an FM-approved cooling loop that is certified for the specific engine model. Without the FM-approved cooling loop, the engine cannot be FM-approved. Cummins offers cooling loops suitable for fresh water and salt water. We provide an electric shut-off valve for horizontal split case pump applications.

How do I find a Cummins-friendly pump manufacturer?

Patterson Pump Co.        

Peerless Pumps              

Pentair Aurora                 

Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis  

Reddy-Buffaloes Pump Co.


SPP Pumps                    

Xylem AC Fire Pump       

I need an engine rated at an RPM between two RPMs listed. Is this possible?

Some of Cummins offerings are speed-rated. A speed-rated engine is certified at any RPM between two listed points. This information is on the engine data sheets. Otherwise, the engine RPM can only be adjusted + / - 10 RPM.


Are Cummins Fire Pump Drive Engines CE marked?

No. A diesel fire pump driver cannot pump water without the pump. As a result, we cannot apply the CE Mark to the engine alone. We provide, with each engine, a Declaration of Incorporation (DOI) document. This document allows the pump manufacturer to apply the CE Mark to the complete pump package.


Where do I service my Cummins Fire Pump Drive Engine?

You should contact your local Cummins distributor by visiting the service locator here or 1-800-CUMMINSTM. Your local Cummins distributor will have experience with your model and have information on hand. If further information is needed, your local Cummins distributor will contact Cummins Inc.


Is Cummins Fire Pump Drive Engine exhaust available in National Pipe Thread (NPT) or Flange?

Cummins engines are available with NPT or American National Standards Institute (ANSI) flange options. Please specify this, when ordering.