Modeled after the Cummins QST30, the CFP30 has higher torque, shorter service times, longer maintenance intervals, and increased fuel economy. Customers request this model due to the durability and compactness of the design which can be configured to meet most applications.


  • Quantum System Electronics - A field-proven, fully-sealed wiring harness with fail-safe connectors integrates the Electronic Control Module (ECM) with the engine sensors for optimized engine performance, monitoring, and protection. High-speed ECM with a self-cooling mount is isolated from detrimental vibration loading. Quantum system technology is ideal for tough mining applications that demand continuous uptime carrying hundreds of tons capacity.
  • One-piece Ferrous Cast Ductile Iron Pistons - Provide increased strength and durability to handle increased cylinder pressures for longer life-to-overhaul, while allowing higher ratings over larger-displacement engines with aluminum pistons.
  • Turbocharger - Designed by Cummins Turbo Technology, Holset® HX82 design improves air handling with an extended life-to-rebuild.
  • Swirl-port Cylinder Heads - Optimize durability and combustion sealing. Advanced airflow improves fuel economy, low-end torque performance, and emissions capability.
  • Advanced Valve Metallurgy - Chrome plating on valve stem and nitro-sulphurizing treatment on the entire valve surface provide additional durability.
  • Prelub™ System - Distributes oil to rifles and friction surfaces and builds oil pressure before cranking can occur. A pressure switch ensures proper oil pressure in the main rifle to reduce the risk of starting the engine without oil in the sump or filters. Prelub™ is a standard option on all mining engines due to proven success in extending engine life-to-rebuild.
  • Premium Fan Drive – Incorporates large matched and sealed bearings, improved oil seals, and an improved idler system. The fan drives have fixed fan centers with tensioning provided by a manually adjusted and maintenance free idler. The fan drive is available with or without an electronically-controlled, oil-actuated fan clutch.
  • Two-stage Cummins® Oil Filter - Combines full-flow and bypass filtration to effectively remove harmful sludge and up to three times as many contaminants to reduce engine wear.




Emissions: Non-certified CFP30E-F10 Specification Sheet
Engine Type: 4 Cycle; In-Line; 12 Cylinder CFP30E-F20 Specification Sheet
Aspiration: Turbocharged/2 Pump - 2 Loop After-cooled CFP30E-F30 Specification Sheet
Displacement: 1860 in3 (30.5 L) CFP30E-F40 Specification Sheet
Rotation: Clockwise