Modeled after the Cummins KTA50 generator drive engine, the rugged CFP50 boasts the proven mechanical PT fuel system with a Woodward hydraulic governor. It has demonstrated its reliability in several applications, with many configurations custom-designed for the oil and gas industry.


  • One-piece Ferrous Cast Ductile Iron Pistons - Provide increased strength and durability to handle increased cylinder pressures for longer life-to-overhaul, while allowing higher ratings over larger-displacement engines with aluminum pistons.
  • Turbocharger - Designed by Cummins Turbo Technology, Holset® HX82 design improves air handling with an extended life-to-rebuild.
  • Swirl-port Cylinder Heads - Optimize durability and combustion sealing. Advanced airflow improves fuel economy, low-end torque performance, and emissions capability.
  • Advanced Valve Metallurgy - Chrome plating on valve stem and nitro-sulphurizing treatment on the entire valve surface provide additional durability.
  •  Two-stage Cummins® Oil Filter - Combines full-flow and bypass filtration to effectively remove harmful sludge and up to three times as many contaminants to reduce engine wear.




Emissions: Non-certified CFP50-F10 Specification Sheet
Engine Type: 4 Cycle; Vee; 16 Cylinder CFP50-F20 Specification Sheet
Aspiration: Turbocharged and Low-temperature After-cooled CFP50-F30 Specification Sheet
Displacement: 3067 in3 (50.3 L) CFP50-F40 Specification Sheet
Rotation: Counter - clockwise from the flywheel end CFP50-F50 Specification Sheet
  CFP50-F60 Specification Sheet
  CFP50-F70 Specification Sheet
  CFP50-F80 Specification Sheet