The CFP59 engine is built to last. With over 12,000 installations worldwide, the painstaking attention to details in the design makes this engine reliable and durable. It'll be on the job, ready to start every morning for years to come.


  • Parent Bore Cylinder Block - Designed for reduced noise and increased durability. Built to handle high pressures.
  • Wastegated Turbocharger - Designed by Cummins Turbo Technology, Holset® wastegated design optimizes operation across the torque curve with better low-speed performance and high-speed boost.
  • Plateau-honed Cylinder Liners – reduce frictional losses, oil consumption, and emissions of internal combustion.
  • Forged Steel Camshafts and Crankshafts - Enhance durability and reliability.




Emissions: Non-certified CFP59-F10 Specification Sheet
Engine Type: 4 Cycle; In-Line; 6 Cylinder CFP59-F15 Specification Sheet
Aspiration: Turbocharged and After-cooled CFP59-F20 Specification Sheet
Displacement: 359 in3 (5.9 L) CFP59-F25 Specification Sheet
Rotation: Counterclockwise from flywheel end CFP59-F40 Specification Sheet
  CFP59-F50 Specification Sheet