The CFP83 block is designed with gaskets that reduce oil consumption. This model was introduced by the Cummins engine plant to the fire pump industry in the early 1990s and has proven to be the reliable mechanical engine that is representative of the Cummins brand.
  • Heavy-duty Pistons – complete with Ni-Resist inserts, extend life-to-overhaul.
  • Wastegated Turbocharger - Designed by Cummins Turbo Technology, Holset® wastegated design optimizes operation across the torque curve with better low-speed performance and high-speed boost.
  • Patented Mid-stop Cylinder Liners - resist cavitation, extend life-to-overhaul.
  • Plateau-honed Cylinder Liners – Virtually eliminate oil consumption, as well as reduce frictional losses and emissions of internal combustion.




Emissions: Non-certified CFP83-F10 Specification Sheet
Engine Type: 4 Cycle; In-Line; 6 Cylinder CFP83-F20 Specification Sheet
Aspiration: Turbocharged and After-cooled CFP83-F30 Specification Sheet
Displacement: 505 in3 (8.3 L)  
Rotation: Counterclockwise from flywheel end