Almost as important as picking the right engine is making sure your engine is running 'right.' With over 2,000 maintenance locations, we make installing and maintaining your engine a breeze. For ongoing satisfaction, we offer a complete line of replacement parts tailored to your specific engine. More than a piece of equipment, our engines are backed by an industry-leading, two-year warranty.  Cummins cares beyond the purchase of your engine; we want to ensure longevity and quality for as long as you need.

NOTE: For older models, please visit the Legacy Parts and Service page.


Current Models


Engine Model

Operation and Maintenance Manual

Wiring Diagram

Installation Drawings

Between 14 Dec 2009 and 30 April 2017

After 30 April 2017

CFP5E A042J556 16260 A042J121 .pdf .dwg .stp
CFP59 A042J557 16122 A042J119 .pdf .dwg .stp


A042J394 Radiator-cooled

16260 A042J122 .pdf .dwg .stp
CFP83 A042J559 16122 A042J120 .pdf .dwg .stp
CFP9E F10-F60 A042J560 16260 A042J123 .pdf .dwg .stp
CFP9E F65-F85 A042J561 16260 A042J123 .pdf .dwg .stp
CFP11E A042J562 16260 A042J124 .pdf .dwg .stp


A042J567 Radiator-cooled

16260 A042J125 .pdf .dwg .stp
.pdf .dwg .stp


A042J568 Radiator-cooled

16260 A042J126 .pdf .dwg .stp
CFP30E A042G984 A042J127 .pdf .dwg .stp
CFP50 coming soon 16260 A042J128 coming soon