Almost as important as picking the right engine is making sure your engine is running 'right.' With over 2,000 maintenance locations, we make installing and maintaining your engine a breeze. For ongoing satisfaction, we offer a complete line of replacement parts tailored to your specific engine. More than a piece of equipment, our engines are backed by an industry leading, two-year warranty. Cummins cares beyond the purchase of your engine; we want to ensure longevity and quality for as long as you need.

Current Model Maintenance and Installation

Cummins offers online Operation and Maintenance manuals, installation drawings, and wiring diagrams for all of its current models. Click here for the most up-to-date resources.


Legacy Parts and Service

Cummins stands by its products with service and parts support for all of its legacy models. Click here to find legacy documents to help you troubleshoot your fire pump drive engine.


Cummins Training for Start-Up

Cummins offers classes for fire pump drive engine start-up accredation. Click here to register for an upcoming training session and learn more about what these training sessions cover.


Warranty and Registration Forms and Contact Information

In order to provide you with the best possible service, please work with us to register your product. This is a two-step process that guarantees the most accurate warranty information. Click here to download the Engine Installation and Start-Up Inspection checklists or to file a warranty claim.


Exhaust Sizing Calculator

For installation of your exhaust piping, please use our exhaust calculator to determine the right size piping for your application.