Almost as important as picking the right engine is making sure your engine is running 'right.' With over 2,000 maintenance locations, we make installing and maintaining your engine a breeze. For ongoing satisfaction, we offer a complete line of replacement parts tailored to your specific engine. More than a piece of equipment, our engines are backed by an industry leading, two-year warranty.  Cummins cares beyond the purchase of your engine; we want to ensure longevity and quality for as long as you need.


Training Sessions for Start Ups



The curriculum for these training sessions specifically focuses on proper field start-ups and installations, with hands-on troubleshooting in our dedicated classroom and fully-equipped engine test room.  The training is designed and tailored to meet each participant’s needs. Our experienced staff will teach you the technical details, explain how to troubleshoot problems, and walk you through specific field applications. Our trained technicians can answer any of your installation and equipment questions. 

Upon completion of this 1½ day training, attendees will be accredited by Cummins to perform Start-Up Inspections on our fire pump drive engine packages

The training includes:


• Cummins fire pump drive engine package familiarization

• Familiarization with the Cummins website resources

• Procedures for diesel engine installations in accordance with NFPA-20

• Procedures for proper Start-up Inspections

• Familiarization with Cummins fire pump drive engine controls

• Procedures for field adjustments

• Fire pump drive engine troubleshooting tips

• In-class and hands-on learning

• Plant tour and “meet the team”




Chris Trinkner, Cummins Technical Trainer

Bob Janquart, Cummins Service Manager



NOTE:  Due to the high demand of these eight-person classes, we can not guarantee a spot in the next immediate session. We will work with you to get you trained as quickly as possible. For further information, please contact Lora Lewis at or 651.286.2083.