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  • Cummins Power Generation Integrated Power System

    Complete Reliability

  • Cummins Power Generation Integrated Power System

    Complete Integration

Fail-Safe Performance for Mission-Critical Applications

Throughout the world, countless specifiers and owners have realized the benefits of choosing a complete power system from Cummins. Whether used for mission-critical applications or emergency backup power - at data centers, hospitals, water treatment plants, mining sites, public facilities, commercial buildings, to name just a few examples - our power systems consistently deliver the most fail-safe performance in the industry. Here's why Cummins is most trusted:

  • First of all, a Cummins power system is much more than a collection of pieces of equipment. It encompasses decades of application expertise, comprehensive system engineering, exhaustive testing and validation, and a global network capable of providing on-site service and support.
  • Second, we manufacture and assemble all of the key components of our power systems. Because of this, we're able to exert the highest measure of design and performance control - resulting in a much more reliable, integrated system than any other provider in the industry. This single-source of accountability simplifies complicated installations, saving specifiers valuable time, while reducing incompatibility problems and integration headaches.

Recognized as the Global Power Leader

There's a reason that power systems from Cummins are deployed for vital applications at some of the biggest and best-known companies and institutions in the world. No matter how complex the installation or critical the application, you can have complete confidence in the reliability and dependability of a Cummins system.