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The mining industry is fraught with a number of operational hazards: high altitudes; low ambient temperatures; and locations sometimes exceeding 200 miles from the nearest power grid. By nature of the industry, mining projects can take place anywhere, at any time. And although projects often demand efficient, sometimes 24/7 operations, access to reliable power is not always a constant.

Cummins has supported mining operations throughout the globe - from Saudi Arabia to the Dominican Republic - to maximize uptime even in the most challenging energy and environmental conditions. We’re chosen based on our reputation for reliable power systems, fast delivery and setup, and turnkey service and support capabilities anywhere in the world.

If you need power to run your electric furnaces, mills, driers, compressors, motors and lighting, trust Cummins for customized, reliable mining solutions. Our global reach enables unmatched support for emergency power systems in your mining operation, regardless of its location.

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