Generate the Specs You Need - Fast

Cummins offers a wide variety of specification sheets, data sheets, operator's manuals and other technical documentation on Cummins generators, transfer switches, paralleling and networking equipment, and accessories. Below are links and resources for some of this documentation.

To be sure you have the Cummins parts and documentation you need, contact your nearest Cummins Dealer/Distributor.

Cummins Onan Spec Sheets

The purpose of these documents is to provide you and your dealer/distributor with technical product and installation information to assist you in making an informed purchasing decision based on your needs and requirements. They also help to facilitate proper maintenance. Your professional installer will find them useful in planning for a proper installation before arriving onsite.

Cummins Commercial Industrial Generators Spec and Data Sheets

Spec Sheets and Data Sheets for Commercial Industrial Generator products are available through Power Suite 5.0 at

After completing a short registration form, you will have free instant access to the significantly enhanced tool. The Power Suite Library gives you access to specifications and data sheets on Cummins gensets, transfer switches, paralleling and networking equipment, and accessories.

Several new enhancements have been made to Power Suite including a Transfer Products Selector Tool, online GenSize project sharing, and automatic product updates (No Download Required).

Register today for instant access and begin to migrate your Power Suite 4.1 projects to version 5.0. Simply go to the GenSize tab and click on the Import GenSize Project button. Browse to find your existing projects on your local drive and click Import.

If you have any questions or comments, contact us at or 1-888-727-4399.

Cummins Operator's Manuals

Cummins QuickServe Online is your online source for Cummins Operator's Manuals. Registration is required.  When you register, you may view information specific to your Cummins Generator, including owner's manual, the Parts Catalog for Your Engine Serial Number and Engine Dataplate Information for Your Engine. Parts content and service documents available by engine serial number or engine family.